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Fields of Expertise

Trusts and Trustee Services

Preserve your wealth against political, economic or other uncertainty. Transfer it according to your personal wishes and in the most tax-efficient way. Consolidate your assets in one location with centralised reporting. Read More...

Fund Formation and Administration

From real estate to equities, commodities, works of art and royalties and others, your assets can be held in a private or public fund which preserves and protects your confidentiality. Read More...

Cross-Border Structuring

International companies with overseas subsidiaries can achieve significant tax savings through skillful cross-border structuring that takes advantage of offshore jurisdictions, favorable tax regimes and double taxation treaties. Read More...

Company Formation and Administration

According to the nature of your business, we will help you choose the ideal jurisdictions and undertake all the formalities and procedures required for quick and smooth incorporation, as well as ongoing administration. Read More...

With so many companies offering fiduciary and secretarial services, you may be wondering:
why you should choose Mutual Trust?

Superior Service

More than just a friendly smile:

  • Single point of contact

  • Three-member team for backup and uninterrupted service

  • Valid advice based on daily contact with local partners in each jurisdiction

Real Privacy

Not in words, but in actions:

  • State-of-the-art secure internet communication systems

  • Operation in selected jurisdictions where confidentiality is upheld

  • Dealing with selected financial institutions that are committed to confidentiality

Global Network

On site and at hand:

  • Local partners and close associates in each jurisdiction

  • All operating under the umbrella of Mutual Trust

  • Preemptive action or immediate response to the unexpected

Strict Compliance

For your clean record and peace of mind:

  • Full and up-to-date awareness of regulatory requirements

  • Practice of internal standards, even beyond regulations

  • Zero exposure to risk elements